Welcome, I am so delighted you are considering a photo shoot for your family and very much hope to work with you in the near future! I know that you will have done some research and that you will be looking for a photographer you can trust and who will capture your family beautifully. Every photographer has a different approach to creating and presenting your images. One of the key benefits of my approach is that it is centered, quite simply, around you. This is why it is important that you read this to get a true understanding of what we can do for you and your family. So grab yourself a cuppa and have a read through. I hope it will answer all of your questions.

Why choose Louise Davies Photography? Let’s focus on three things;

Unique to YOU - Do you want your images to reflect your family? Your family is different to every other family so of course your images should be too. This is why I would love to call you to discuss what you would love for your session, learn about ‘your’ family and create a session that’s truly unique to you.

Passion for presentation - Do you love photography? If so, you probably love to display it proudly and stylishly. Maybe you have an eye for this already, however, many of my clients come to me for help with this. I specialise in wall galleries of framed prints & canvases and heirloom albums that will add personality and a wow-factor to your home. I use only the very best suppliers and source luxury products from right here in New Zealand.

Commitment to service - From your booking to your phone consultation, to your shoot, to your viewing and then to your product design and delivery, I am there every step of the way communicating with you and making sure you are having the very best experience possible. I am committed to providing you with not only beautiful imagery and products but also the very highest standard of client service.


When should I book my newborn session?  

The sooner the better! There is no ‘too early’ for booking, but I do unfortunately run into ‘too late’. Newborn sessions fill up a couple of months in advance for the most part, and the  best way to secure a priority session date is to book early.

When should the session take place?  

The most precious time to photograph newborns is between 5-10 days. During this time babies will usually retain some of the natural curl from when they were in mummy’s tummy. They are also more sleepy and pliable for the most desired poses. Ideally I try to schedule the shoot before baby is 10 days old.

Do you do newborn posing?

Newborn posing photography (baby asleep in various positions - often with props) is a very specialist genre. Although I appreciate this kind of photography, it is not the way I like to photograph newborns. My approach is much more natural. I like to capture those little moments and details like those above. If this is more your thing then great! If not I will be delighted to recommend some AMAZING newborn posing specialists.

I am pregnant and have booked a session; but how do I secure a date and time?  

Once you book a session with me, I insert your due date into my calendar. Since newborns don’t always follow our timing, I allow for different session times around that due date. After delivery, let me know as soon as possible to confirm a date and time. Remember that we want to work into that first two weeks, so the sooner you let me know your little one has arrived, the better!                    

My baby arrived much earlier/later than we thought.

Totally fine! Your session will still hold priority booking if booked before delivery date.   How long does the session last?   Anywhere between 2  and 4 hours.  Allow for a good amount of time, just in case. I never rush newborn sessions and always take breaks for feedings, cuddling and soothing.  

My baby takes a long time for feeding/cuddling/soothing...  

That is totally fine! I know the stress of having a newborn, and the last thing I want you to worry about is hurrying through a feeding so we can get to photos. I am used to waiting babies out, and enjoy spending that time getting to know you and then rest of your family.  

Do we bring props/headbands/blankets/baskets?  

The style of my photography is very simplistic. I love pretty, natural and organic things and soft tones and textures. I supply all the props for your session but you are also welcome to include your own special items.

What do we wear?  

Newborns look best in their birthday suit, so no need for big wardrobes there. I do love a long sleeved white onesie though for family photos. I often use dads arms as ‘props’, and for those shots a neutral t-shirt works great. If you are planning to be photographed with your baby (which I HIGHLY encourage!), neutral tones are beautiful and photograph perfectly. Browns, beige, creams etc. I always recommend that you bring a back up change of clothes too, its not uncommon for wee and poop accidents to occur! Check out our what to wear guide you’ll find here.

What about photos with siblings?  

I will try my best to accommodate all requests for special shots with siblings.  

How do we prepare for the session?  

Once you have let me know baby is born I will send you are ‘how to prepare for your session guide’.

My most frequently asked question…..How much is it going to cost?!

If you click the button below it will take you to my investment page to give you an idea of what most families are investing.

I have more questions...  

No problem! Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have, I am always happy to answer them. Newborn sessions are my favourite and always a lot of fun for everyone involved. I look forward to working with you and your family to capture this special time.                 


What do you mean by a pre-session consultation?

Your pre-session consultation is an appointment between you and I. This will be arranged for a convenient day and time. During this chat I like to find out more about you and your family and what you really want from your shoot and your images. You can tell me any little ‘quirks’ the kids may have or any favourite tv characters they love, to help me engage with them during your session. We’ll also talk about all the different products I offer so you can get a really good idea of what will look amazing in your home. We’ll discuss what you are all going to wear too! You will be so excited about your shoot after this chat and you will also know exactly what to expect!

What if my children misbehave and carry on during the shoot?

I fully expect them to! I love a bit of mischief during a shoot and often get some good shots whilst this is going on. Please don’t worry about it. Believe me when I say; I know what it is like! I have three young children of my own who regularly embarrass me by fighting with each other or having mini meltdowns in public. It always amazes me how well they behave for others. But that is usually the case isn’t it? So let me deal with as much as possible and you will probably find that they will pay more attention. As a parent I know it can be  hard to bite your tongue and step back in these situations but it is harder to capture great images when parents are angry and children are upset. So let me take the pressure off you - I have a few tricks up my sleeve by now!

Do you use Photoshop and fix things like spots or dry skin on babies?

Absolutely! Editing each selected image is all part of the service so there is no need to worry about spots appearing on the day of your shoot! Although I do love newborn peeling skin, its unique to a newborn so this I will keep.

How many images will you show?

I aim to select the best 30-40 images from our shoot together. These are finished in Photoshop before your viewing

I only want one photograph taken. Can you do this?

I take lots of photographs of everyone individually, in different combinations and in lots of different ways. Often the best shots are taken in the last half hour of the shoot when everyone is relaxed and having fun. The result is a ‘story’ and a true representation of your family. Taking one photograph just wouldn’t give you the best of my work.

Why can’t I see all of the images from our shoot?

Put simply, you wouldn’t want to! For every great shot there will be plenty of blinks, grimaces and strange facial expressions. I only want to show you the best and ask that you trust me to select these.

I don’t like getting my photograph taken. Can you just take photographs of the kids?

Of course this is no problem! We love to get parents involved but this doesn’t always happen. Do think carefully about it though. Perhaps you feel you are not photogenic or that photographs draw attention to your insecurities. However, remember your kids don’t care about any of these things and without exaggerating, images with their parents will be one of the most important things they have in the future. I bet you wish you had more with your own parents...

How long after our shoot will the images be ready?

I know you will be excited to see your images which is why I aim for a quick turnaround. Your images will be ready for you to view within 7-10 days.

How do we see our images when they are finished?

I love showing your images to you! I will arrange a convenient day and time for you to come and view your images. We use a large TV screen so you can see you images clearly and compare them all. This usually takes around 1 hour. We do viewings from my home studio around 2 weeks after your session. 

This is a big investment for me. Can I pay in installments?

Absolutely!! Anything you purchase can be paid off by lay-by. I have payment plans that are tailored to suit everyone’s budget and finances.

Do I need to know what I want to do with my images before the viewing?

Not at all!! That is what I am there for - to help you with this. We will talk about your home, your budget and your favourite images then I will help you decide on something that is perfect for you. If you do have an idea of what you would like to do with them - fantastic! Be sure to share this with me so I can shoot your session with this in mind.

How will I decide what we are going to wear for our shoot?

I am there to help with this. We will have a good discussion about outfits during your phone consultation and I can even point you in the direction of some inspiration. It is very important that what you all wear reflects who you actually are. This is why the phone consultation is very important for us all. For those that perhaps don’t have a diverse selection of clothes you’d consider ‘nice’ for a photo shoot, you are in luck. I have a beautiful selection of women's clothing available to borrow during your shoot. They are in neutral, cream and white tones with lace texture.

We can only be available for a shoot on a weekend but you only seem to have weekday availability?

Weekend slots are snapped up very quickly and quite far in advance meaning many families opt for weekday slots. I encourage you to think of your shoot like any other weekday appointment and arrange a few hours off work and/or school. After all, it’s a special occasion!

Weekday sessions are currently held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays.

How do I book?

If you have decided to go ahead and book your shoot - great! All you need to do is click contact me button below and I will do the rest. Don’t put it off. Get in touch and let’s start planning your shoot. I am looking forward to working with you!



Preparing for your session