I want to hear from all the gorgeous ladies out there in their 3rd trimester!

Yippee you’re almost there! I have 3 children and remember oh so well the excitement and nervousness of those last couple of months. What I always looked forward to was finding out who my baby would look like, I just had to get through the labor part first haha nothing like a bit of motivation! What I didn’t think about was how things are going to start getting really crazy in the most wonderful way….

Yip its true what they say, very soon you are going to have much less time on your hands. Here’s an alarming fact - over 50% of new mums want to get newborn photos done but miss the opportunity and end up regretting it. Lets face it and I know for a fact that our children grow up so fast and you can never get those moments back. Check out this little guy below. This is Ryan at 1 month old compared to 1 year old. Its crazy how much they change!

Here’s where I can help!

I have this really cool system where you can book in and have your pre-consult done before the arrival of your little one. We can get everything set up and organised so that all you have to do is hug your baby while I start clicking, its so easy. I take all the fuss and effort out of having your newborn photos done.

Click here to get in my system and receive an amazing gift.

A newborn session with me

As well as heritage portraits I also specialise in natural newborn photography. Welcome to the ‘light side’! Its become a little bit of a joke in our family, all the references to Star Wars. My husband is quite the fan, we even named our first daughter Vayda! And now I think it might be rubbing off on me in my business, as my newborn work is light and my fine art work is dark. Both I love however!

I especially love ‘light’ for newborns and babies. Its timeless and will not date. I love simplicity and am obsessed with white, cream and lace textures. You could probably say I have a little bit of a buying addiction when it comes to baby wraps and white clothing, I can’t go into a clothing store without checking out all the white things!! But seriously, it works so well with skin tones and keeps all the important things you want to see in a photo important, your faces, emotions and expressions :)

My studio is at my home in Morrinsville. And whats so great about it been at my home is that its homely. Meaning you and the kids can take ya shoes off and relax. I pride myself on making sure everyone feels right at home and is well taken care of. Everything in the studio is white (of course) which helps in creating the dreamy images that I love so much. So please take a look through the images below and if you love what you see then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How much is it going to cost?

Well that depends on what you love! Which of course you aren’t going to know until you see your images. What I do know is that I am completely committed to creating beautiful images for you and you owning them in exactly the way you want. I offer great service and a 100% money back guarantee should you not love your images. So why not come and enjoy the experience and see the results for yourself.

A newborn session with me is $200 with all the family or $100 for baby on their own. You get use of any of my studio clothing, your baby will be wrapped snugly and warm in my beautiful wraps, your older children will be kept entertained by the box full of toys or choose a movie to watch in between their photos. Plus all of you will be supplied with a lovely morning tea to enjoy during your session*. Mum if you would like your hair and make up done I can organise that for you too at an additional cost of $150. *Morning tea is supplied to newborn sessions only.

Price Guide

One of the things I love helping my clients do is working out exactly how they want to display their images and then create a package that suits them. Perhaps you are only after a few small prints and some digital files, something like that will cost you around $590. Or maybe you’d rather something a little bigger like some enlargements and smaller prints to make a gallery of images for the wall, this would be around $690. Then for those that just love photography and want it all, prints, framing, albums and digital files I offer some amazing packages starting from $890. How ever you want to display your images and what ever budget you have in mind, I will have something for you!

I have many more great packages filled with lots of goodies to suit all budgets and I also love creating special packages just for you so please feel free to contact me here to have a chat about what I can do for you, or if you have any further questions.

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