Louise Davies Fine Art Heritage Portrait Photographer



established in 2011

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Hi! I'm Louise, an avid enthusiast of all things fantasy and vintage. I am a mum of three gorgeous girls and one little fur baby, a wife to the most hilarious and selfless man, and a skilled photographer. We live in this beautiful, vintage home (pictured above), in the suburbs of Morrinsville.

For the past 8 years I have been photographing babies and families. Then 2 years ago, I had the realisation that something was missing from this digital age. We don’t have that one beautiful portrait. The portrait that captures your loved ones very soul, the portrait that turns heads, and the portrait that will be fought over for generations to come. The thousands of photos we have on our phones and Facebook pages could never compare. So I decided to create what was missing.

Stunning, framed, artistic portraits that can be admired in this age and passed on from generation to generation. Each portrait will be completely catered to you. We can do a traditionally posed image or we can incorporate your culture, your passions, or your faith into it. Let's create something truly unique and timeless together. Let's create a statement piece for your home.

Louise xx

From left to right, Bella, Jason, Scarlett, Me & Vayda

From left to right, Bella, Jason, Scarlett, Me & Vayda

Beautiful portraits of my family