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The type of photography I do tells a unique story

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I love HISTORY? And I love ART?

I am completely obsessed with both! Castles, Victorian clothing, English gardens, old paintings and photographs, in particular PORTRAITS all make my brain explode with excitement. The mystery and wonder that I think and feel when seeing these things is what has inspired me to create these beautiful heirlooms for you and your family.


Remember centuries ago when kings, queens and important people would have their portraits painted? Then those portraits would hang proudly in their castles, palaces and homes and be passed onto the next generation. Yes yes I hear you say…. well that’s great because that is exactly why I do this. I’m tired of having a gazillion photos stored on my phone, on social media and old hard drives. And I know you are guilty of this too. Hundreds and hundreds of photos that will never see the light of day. I do this because photos should be seen, your children should be captured in all their innocence and beauty, your parents and grandparents should be remembered and your heritage should never be forgotten.

Do you have one truly beautiful portrait. One that you can be proud to pass to your children, grandchildren and their children?

I do and everyday as I walk past them on my wall I am reminded of what wonderful people they are or were. Sometimes they make me sad and sometimes they make me smile but every time I see them they stir a memory.

When my grandfather passed away I was asked to help put the slideshow together for his funeral. I went through hundreds of photos, so many of them were blurry or poorly composed, important people cut out of the picture, I felt so sad, that we didn’t have any really lovely photos of him throughout his life. But there were two standout images that made me think wow these are cool. I’d like a copy of these. One was of him as a young man before he went to war, I guess your portrait was taken back then to remember you…incase you didn’t return. The other was taken by the R.S.A., he’s wearing his R.S.A. blazer and cap and looks exactly as I remember him, this is the one we used on the day we said goodbye to him forever. Photographs really are all we have left to remember our loved ones and I’m so thankful our family has these.

I love creating these portraits so you too can have wonderful memories to remember.

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“You will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”


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Willow ♥

Louise’s photography work is just amazing. Louise made us all feel so welcome and comfortable in her home and was very friendly and patient. My very large framed fine art is absolutely stunning , Louise delivered well on all expectations and I can't wait to use her again.

Casey Hawkins


I can't wait to meet you.

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