Louise Davies Fine Art Heritage Portrait Photographer



Established in 2011

Pregnant with my second child, living in Hamilton and completely over working in the catering industry, I decided to do a course in photography. I’d always had an interest in photography and art, and after the disaster with our wedding photos well that started an addiction I’m not likely to stop! At the end of 2010 after completing my diploma and delivering my daughter Bella I started taking photos of her as well as friends babies. This then quickly snowballed into friends of friends asking me to take photos of their babies and families. Six years on and one busy photography studio later we made the move to Morrinsville. We found a house that we completely fell in love with…..

Louise Davies Photography.jpg

Its old, has golden carpet in the bathroom, and wallpaper from the 70’s. But I love it!! Its bursting with character. And as soon as I stepped into this house I knew it was mine. Everything about it speaks history which is what I love. Castles, flowers, old paintings, oak furniture not to mention the show Outlander I am completely obsessed with.

2 years ago I turned my love of history and old things into my job. As a skilled photographer of babies for the past 8 years I decided I wanted to be able to do something more. Something of absolute value. I wanted people to have a beautiful portrait. A portrait that captures your loved ones very soul, a portrait that turns heads, and a portrait that one day will be fought over.

So that’s what I did and I love it! My days are filled with finding cool vintage outfits, picking flowers to use, coming up with unique ways to capture your children, painterly editing your images, and finally printing and framing stunning portraits that can be admired in this age and passed on to the next generation. There is just something so satisfying about seeing something I’ve created from an idea in my head get turned into a piece of art for your wall.

I think I’m a bit of an old soul, possibly born in the wrong century but that’s ok, I’m bringing the vintage back anyway and loving every minute of it!

Louise xx

From left to right, Bella, Jason, Scarlett, Me & Vayda

From left to right, Bella, Jason, Scarlett, Me & Vayda

This is my little family. I have been married to Jason since 2006. He is a builder by trade and by far the best dad in the world. He hates having his photograph taken so the fact he is in this is a miracle. I’m sure he’ll love it when he’s old and grey lol. Vayda is our eldest daughter, she has always been the most kind, thoughtful and caring child. She does competitive gymnastics and loves to design houses, she tells me when she grows up she wants to be an architect which I think is pretty cool. Bella is my middle child, she is left handed, amazingly creative and never backs down from an argument lol. I swear she’ll either be an artist or a lawyer! She is obsessed with horses and if she had her way she’d have 50 of them all sleeping in her room each with their own blanket! Then there is the baby of the family, Miss Scarlett. She is the queen of playing make believe, she spends hours playing with her little toys and barbies creating this amazing make believe world. She also loves to draw and colour in and of course is completely doted on by her big sisters. When she grows up she wants to be a unicorn! So yes three girls! We joke about what its going to be like when they are all teenagers, but at least we have this photograph to remember the good times when they were still little and cute hahahaha.


This is our wonderful dog Primrose (Prim for short). She is a Japanese Spitz and is more like a cat than a dog. She loves hanging out with her family, playing on the beach and sleeping upside down. Honestly the best dog we have ever owned!

Beautiful portraits of my family


The image above is of the stairwell in my home. When I first walked into the open home I fell in love with it and knew straight away what I was going to do. It was to become my stairway of history. I still have a few more images to add but so far starting from the bottom left I have my Great Grandmother Ethel Robertson who is the mother of the next image and handsome man, my late Poppa Tom. Then we have his wife, my Nana Heather who is still living a wonderful life in Wanganui. And next to her is my husbands Grandfather Graham Gillespie, who currently resides with us in our outdoor studio room. He is 94 years old and absolutely loves having his great grandchildren running around. Helps to keep him young I reckon!